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BETA - we just have to make a few minor adjustments and then this Sponsored Visits list will be ready.
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Below is a list of all the Sponsors/Members offering rewards points in return for visits to their website. Once you click on the visit button, you must remain on the Sponsor’s site for at least 30 seconds in order to earn 50,000 rewards points. Want your website added to this list? See bottom of page.

Would you like to see your website listing on this list? It’s really easy. We can help set it up for you (contact us) or...

1) Just sign up and create a free profile or login
2) Then on your Profile page fill out your “Visited” website info under your Friends section...and that’s it.

**For sponsored visits, go to My Load Sponsored Credits page & add credits where it says Get more Visits

Note: If you don’t already have rewards credits and want to buy some or want more, you can use this form:
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