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Sarah Palin had a steamy interracial one night stand with then future NBA star Glen Rice, this according to a new book written by Joe McGinniss. The premarital sexual encounter happened way back in 1987 when Mrs. Palin was a sports reporter for TV station KTUU in Anchorage. Glen Rice has confirmed the story to the author to be true. Would you still vote Sarah Palin if she ran for president?

Sarah Palin had a one night stand with NBA star Glen Rice, would you still vote for her?

Last Vote - 11 months ago
No, she is a hypocrite on premarital sex
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Yes, it was a long time ago
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Posted by MeganP on 09/14/2011 12:51pm
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71% of Men voted No, she is a hypocrite on premarital sex

100% of Women voted No, she is a hypocrite on premarital sex

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Non-Major Cities: 100%

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