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Why do gay men/women stay in a relationship with the opposite sex for years before "coming out"?

Last Vote - 6 years ago
They are not comfortable being gay in the open.
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They are affraid of what people might think.
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They didn't realize they were gay until it was years later.
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They don't want to hurt the other person.
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Other (leave comment)
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45% of Men voted They are not comfortable being gay in the open.

35% of Women voted They are affraid of what people might think.

Location Stats

Major Cities: 50%
Non-Major Cities: 50%

Age Groups

18-21: 0%
22-25: 0%
26-30: 0%
31-35: 0%
36+: 0%

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their afratid

Posted by eudoraivybogg on 07/08/2011 9:28pm
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Could be many reasons. He's not comfortable, afraid, don't want to hurt, don't want other people to know, doesn't feel he's 100% gay, etc.

Posted by wawuknet on 06/15/2011 12:08pm |

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